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Divine Justice or The Problem of Evil
Subject:  Beliefs
The Original Language:  English
Author:  Javad Shayvard
Publisher: WOFIS
Size:  10.5x14 cm
Pages:  35
Full text of the book

Illness, flood, famine and finally diverse hardships in the subject of divine justice and is considered a main problem propounded in philosophical field and has caused diverse religions and lengthy discussions. We can clearly and rationally encounter this problem by keeping away from prolongation and detail and by using summarization and abridgement. This book wan compiled for this sort of encounter with these problems. of the original discussions in this field given as a concise summary are as follows: Are unpleasantness which we consider evil and corrupt relay what we think? Does Gods Creation belong to manovelence and corruption? What are these misfortunes and hardships effect? Finally , how should we view death? 
Meanwhile, this book familiarizes the esteemed reader with the original text of pertinent verses.

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