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Historical Stories For Children
Subject:  History
The Original Language:  Farsi
Translated By:  WOFIS
Publisher: WOFIS
Size:  14.5x21 cm
Book volumes:

Just as the elements and principles of Islam are superior and magnificent and has presented to human society the most esteemed learned personalities also just the opposite, many of the governors who controlled the government in the name of Islam were the lowest level of wickedness, tyranny and impurity. In the meanwhile, this point in interesting and wonderful that even with the existence of these wicked governors, the illumination of Islam and superior magnificence of it's instruction has thus stayed firm and over the centuries and eras has successively made the spirit illuminated and bright.
We also know that the aim of these governors wicked and unmanly attacks were mainly the members of the Prophets household (p.b.u.h) and their devotees, or this real Islamic manifestation of justice and purity.
Anyway it is necessary for Muslim children to be familiar with both groups of the pure and wicked and be acquainted with these personalities, theirs doings and their history. For this organization has chosen and translated a series of illustrated children books on such characters and put them at the disposal of those interested.
It must be noted that this series has completely firm historical basis even though it is written in a simple and children form some of these units also have a higher standard, in such a way that they are profitable, suitable and necessary for Muslims far from Islamic districts.
And now we introduce this series unit.


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