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IQTISADUNA "Our Economics"
Subject:  Economics
The Original Language:  Arabic: Iqtisaduna
Author:  Sayyid Muhammad Baqir as-Sadr
Translated By:  Board of Writing,Translation and Publication Of WOFIS
Publisher: WOFIS
Size:  23.5x16.5 cm
Book volumes:

A short time after the decline of the sovereignty in Iraq, for a short while, the communists, founded a stringent dictatorship along with expanding hardships, even Though the government didn't officially endure the communist name. This book in a illuminating and valuables product of that era and a powerful and firm opposer of the empty but glittering Communist thought and also the capitalist thought patterns an effort of its esteemed author to collect Islamic economical laws in a special and new form.
This series of books created a transformation of thought and scientific movement gave to everyone great information, distinguishes the deceiving points in the deluding communist speeches. And opposite, made clear the Islamic illumination in the direction of economics. This book quickly broke the boundaries of Islamic countries and was faced with praise and wonder everywhere and this truth was made clear by its uncountable printing in different countries.
The author, himself, arranged this book in two volumes, but in the English translation every volume is divided into two and is actually in for volumes. 
This worthy intellect, Sayyed Mohammad Bagher Sadr whom they murdered in prison, in the first part of the book which corresponds with the first and second volumes of it's translation, engages in a scientific and logical debate on the economical system in the source of communism, then in the filed of capitalism, finally he reaches the Islamic system which in front of the other two is an independent system which in front of the other, two is an independent system. Then the second part of the book, which corresponds, with the third and fourth volume of its translation specializes with some of the Islamic expert debates, and summing up his special opinions in the field of Islamic economics.

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