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Sects of Islam
Subject:  Beliefs
The Original Language:  English
Author:  Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
Size:  10.5x14 cm
Pages:  37
Full text of the book

Together and without exception, Muslims all over the world have a deep belief in the one God, His great book the Quran and his last Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and his sacred custom accept heart and soul. As we descend from this indisputable principle Islamic sects and groups have differences of opinion with each other. for every aware Muslim it is necessary and vital to have at least a minimum amount of infer marten of these differences, and this book undertaken that responsibility.
Of the debates in this book, other than discussing the maine branching of the Islamic Groups and sects there is a discourse on justice and other attribution of God, the problem of fast And the question of the prophethood and Imamat.

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