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The Emendation
Subject:  Beliefs
The Original Language:  Arabic
Author:  ash-shaykh al-Mufid
Translated By:  Irfan Abdul Hamid
Publisher: WOFIS
Size:  23.5 X 17 Cm.
Pages:  123
Full Text of The Book

The intellectual relationship between the Mu‘tazilite school of thought and Shī‘ism, which constitutes, as the late Prof. Macdonald noticed, "the great mystery of Muslim history", was referred to by many classical as well as modern scholars. The different opinions expressed by them on this complicated subject can be reduced to two theories.

Those who maintain that Shī‘ism has elaborated its theol-ogy on a basis borrowed from the intellectual system of the Mu‘tazilites, to which the Shī‘ah divines affiliated themselves during the fourth century of the Hijra. This theory seems to be very old in origin, since as early as the fourth century some, such as ash-Shaykh al-Mufīd, wrote a refutation of it. Among the Sunnite theologians ash-Shahrastãnī, lbn Taymiyyah and ad-Dawãnī supported it. Recently both Goldziher and Adam Mez have also championed it.



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