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Subject:  History
The Original Language:  Arabic
Author:  al-Sayyid M.K. al-Qazwini
Translated By:  Tahir Ridha Jaffer
Publisher: WOFIS
Size:  24.5X17.5
Pages:  494
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                   Publisher's Preface                                         

In your Name, O Allāh, and glory be to Thee,
and peace and blessings upon the Prophet and his noble progeny.


Indeed she is Fāṭimah! Fāṭimah al-Zahrā’! How great her status and lofty her rank! God is pleased when she is pleased and displeased when she is displeased! It is thus important and prudent for us to study her illustrious life and to emulate her great character and lifestyle.

She epitomizes the resplendent feminine element of the venerable five from the Ahl al-Bayt (‘a), from whom Allāh removed all filth and purified with a thorough purification. She reached the highest pinnacle of virtues and merits, and her Lord paired her with Alī, the Master of the Faithful (‘a). He chose her to be the matriarch for the remaining of the twelve infallible Imāms from the household of the Prophet, may they be showered with the greatest of all blessings.

This institute, namely the World Organization for Islamic Services (WOFIS), is proud and honoured to have provided services, to the best of its ability, to various Islamic cultural centres and individuals all around the globe for the past fifty years, by striving to author, translate and publish works in various languages. Additionally, we respond to queries and answer requests pertaining to all subjects related to Islamic sciences.


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