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03-The Book of Divine Unity 1
Subject:  Traditions
The Original Language:  Arabic:Usul Al-Kafi
Translated By:  Board of Writing,Translation and Publication Of WOFIS
Publisher: WOFIS
Compiled by:  ash-Shaykh Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Ya'qub Ibn Ishaq al-Kulayni ar-Razi
Size:  16.5x23.5 cm
Pages:  223
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It was our intention when publishing the English translation of the Usūl al-Kãfī to write an introduction to the Kitãbu 't-Tawhīd (The Book of Divine Unity), in which we would study a number of points which would serve as a preliminary study to the hadīth in the Kitãbu 't-Tawhīd. It was intended that this introduction should appear at the beginning of the first fascicule, but a number of factors intervened to prevent its publication until now, when the second and third fascicules of the Kitãbu 't-Tawhīd have already been published. Now, praise be to Allãh, and through the success that He has granted, this introduction has been completed and is here presented under the title Imãmī Kalãm: Its Origins, Development, and Leading Scholars.


World Organization for Islamic Services,

(Board of Writing, Translation and Publication)

20th  Jumãd II, 1428,

5th July 2007,


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