God of Islam

God of Islam

God of Islam

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جلد God of Islam
Published by:
Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi
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14.0 × 10.5 cm

About this Book

Proof of Monotheism through Philosophical and scientific methods and criticism of invalid monotheisms and some thinkers’ views regarding creation.
- Philosophical analysis of the reality of existence, and the manner of proving Monotheism through that.
- Presentation of seven scientific demonstrations (reasonings) by seven prominent researchers for proving Monotheism (worship of One God).
- Presentation of some discussions related to knowing God such as: How and when did the material world come into existence? How does a living being come into existence from lifeless matter? Criticism of the theory of Evolution and if it is compatible with religion? Criticism of the view of the creation being accidental and by chance.
- After acceptance of the reality of the Necessary Existent, criticism of some views is presented such as the trinity in Christianity, the attributes of God in Judaism and Christianity, and comparison of Islam’s God with that of other religions.
- A discussion regarding the elevated attributes and beautiful names of God in the Quran along with corresponding verses.

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