Who We Are

WORLD ORGANIZATION FOR ISLAMIC SERVICES (WOFIS) as a Cultural Unit has activity in the fields of Theology, Research, Propagation and Services of Islam.

It is now more than 55 years that this Organization has considerable activities in Writing, Translation, Research and Publication of Islamic Original Books in the living languages of the world on (the topics of) Tradition (hadith), Exegesis (Tafsir), History as well as other Islamic Studies from Ahlul Bayt (A.S) view point.

The range of activities of this Organization has been/is being spread in eastern, western and other countries, from the poor and undeveloped countries of Africa up to the European and American ones among them the prisons of the U.S.A.

The said Organization during this period has been acquainted with thousands of Cultural Centers, Schools, Libraries, Societies, Associations and Orientalists all over the world and has been in correspondence with them.

The cultural cooperation in between has also been firm and regular.

It is worth mentioning that this Organization has also made considerable efforts in establishing Cultural Centers in America, Europe & Africa, but recently this kind of activity has been stopped for some reasons.

At present, WORLD ORGANIZATION FOR ISLAMIC SERVICES by introducing its SITE to INTERNET, and owing to easy access of most Scientific, Cultural, etc. Centers to that media, has the aim of using this rich source of information for expanding its activities.